Deanship of Admission & Registration


The Deanship of Admission and Registration is the students’ entrance way to the university and it takes care of their education affairs. It launched its activities in 1973/1974 .As a pioneer experiment, the deanship started applying the hours’ system at the College of Science then this system was circulated to other colleges. The responsibilities born by this deanship increased as the number of students rose and thus, it was necessary to develop it and support it with competencies.

The Deanship of Admission and Registration was established on 15/1/1976 and it developed its activities to meet the increase in students. Since the first semester of its establishment, the deanship adopted the computerized system to guarantee full control over the admission and registration process. Making use of services provided by the Center of Information Technology, the admission according to the regular and affiliation system is done through the internet. In addition, the results and marks of students as well as omission and addition of subjects are all entered through the internet.