Preparatory Year

About Deanship of Admission and Registration
Preparatory Year

The Preparatory Year – Definition

King Abdulaziz University allows male and female students an opportunity to join different university faculties and obtain the bachelor degree through the regular system according to the study levels. Furthermore admission into university is according to the vacant seats, student's percentages in the secondary stage or the weighed percentage of students.

  • Regular study Program
  • Students studies through the regular program with the complete study system in the day period. The student should attend daily according to the registered timetable. The regular program period is one year divided into two semesters where the students studies all the first and second semester subjects according to the track (science, administrative and human tracks) selected by the student during two subsequent semesters.

Preparatory Year Goals

  • Adjust admission to guide students to the appropriate college that matches student's abilities and skills
  • Unify university admission.
  • Show the available university disciplines and the nature of the study to the Students
  • Show and define the university regulations and systems .
  • Improve students skills and knowledge specially in English language , computer skills , communication skills and research.
  • Give the student opportunity to discover their skills and knowledge in university environment

Preparatory Year Preview :

  • The Preparatory year credits will be added to the students credit hours by the end of each semester
  • After finishing all Preparatory year courses, students can choose preffrenced collages and it will depends on student's GPA as well as the available place in each faculty.

Study system :

1- The student shall study two subsequent levels (during two semesters); so as to complete the Preparatory year subjects.
2- Deletion and addition processes shall not be permitted and the time table shall be fixed during the study period during the Preparatory year.
3- The registration shall be carried out automatically by the admission and registration deanship according to the study plan of the Preparatory year.
4- In case the student fails one of the Preparatory year subjects, the student shall be permitted to study the subject in which the student failed during the subsequent semester. However, if the subject is a prior requirement for another subject in the subsequent semester, that subject shall be postponed to the subsequent semester on the condition that the student's study won't exceed more than three semesters.
5- All Preparatory year subjects shall be passed with success during the first year and only one additional semester shall be provided for the failed student; so as to complete the first year requirements.
6- The student shall be deprived of taking the final exam due to the absence, in case the absence rate exceeds 20% of the lectures and scientific lessons prescribed for each subject during the school year and take "a deprived" mark on the final mark script.

Attendance and withdrawal

1- The student shall not be permitted to withdraw from the semester study.
2- In exceptional cases, the permanent committee reviews the withdrawal application cases on the ground that the permanent committee reckons the withdrawal period among the semesters the student can withdraw from.
3- The student shall not be granted the IP for the Preparatory year courses.


1- The study postponement shall not be permitted during the Preparatory year.
2- In exceptional cases, the student can submit the postponement application to the permanent committee of the admission and registration for reviewing the case and taking the appropriate decision according to the postponement nature and period.
3- The postponement period shall be calculated according to the regular postponement period for the student.

Enrolment termination :

It will be effective in the following cases:
1- In case the student doesn't pass the Preparatory year courses with success during the specific time periods (up to a maximum of three semesters).
2- In case the student obtains a GPA less than 2 at the end of the Preparatory year even if the student completes all the Preparatory year courses).
3- In case the student exceeded 20% attendance level

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