Deanship Units

Deanship Unit
Deanship Units

Deanship Management

Execution of systems and regulations of the administrative and financial affairs ,Following up application of those systems and regulations, Preparing the budge, Nomination of employees and Doing the annual inventory and fulfilling the warehouse needs.

Dean's office

Regarding appointments of admission and registration dean,Delivery of transactions sent to the office and visitors and Supervising the office's secretary.

Admissions Unit

Executing the admission procedures according to the applicable systems and regulations as well as according to the admission requirements approved by the university and Developing and updating the admission programs.

Public Relationships and Following up Unit

Communicating with press and publication in coordination with the public relationships and media administration at the university,Following up supplies of the introduction userguides for KING ABDULAZIZ UNIVERSITY, administration and registration deanship as well as the units serving the university students and visitors,Giving much care for the deanship visitors especially those with special needs,Media coverage of the most important events of deanship and Reception of the deanship visitors.

Following up and Academic Guiding Unit for Regular Program

Following up the academic registers of graduates; so as to ascertain of completing the graduation requirements according to the academic plans as well as regulations and approved systems in coordination with the university faculties for student service,Preparing graduation recommendations from the university and Submitting the necessary academic services for students.

Following up and Academic Guiding Unit for External Study Programs

Following up the academic registers for students of paid programs according to the academic plans as well as regulations and approved systems in coordination with the concerned university faculties as well as community service deanship and information technology center, Preparing graduation recommendations from students of paid programs and Submitting the necessary academic services for students.

External Scholarship Unit

Following up and reviewing the students' academic registers according to the academic plans as well as regulations and approved systems for students of external scholarships in coordination with the concerned bodies and embassies for student service.

Verification and Information Unit

Following up registration of students' results in coordination with the university faculties on this regard,Preparing examination schedules and prerequisite statistics and Modifying the students' statuses.

E-academic Services Unit

Management of ODUS Plus academic system ,Supply the prerequisite support Preparing development programs of the deanship's units in coordination with the information technology center, Following up and updating computers and technological equipment inside deanship and Updating the deanship's website.

The Prepratory Year Unit

The unit follows the foundation year students, registers their schedules and submits the prerequisite services for the foundation year students till placing students in the university faculties.

Schedules and Registration Unit

Preparing academic schedules for all university faculties and distribution thereof on the academic semesters according to the applicable criteria in coordination with the university faculties, including television departments, Coordination between boys' campus and girls' campus of KING ABDULAZIZ UNVERSITY.

Programs and Plans Unit

Management of university's syllabuses and curriculums, all academic plans and programs in coordination with all university faculties.

Administrative Communication Unit

Forwarding transactions of the deanship and keeping photocopies thereof, Receipt of transactions sent to the deanship and following up delivery thereof to the deanship units and Using the administrative communication program of the university and following up all the deanship's requests.

Photocopying Unit

Preparing and photocopying all deanship's letters; so as to be in contact with all the concerned bodies and Printing out all statements in Arabic and English languages.

Comprehensive Center of Student Service Unit

Reception of all deanship visitors like parents and students and replying their enquiries and Submitting the optimal services which are being submitted by the deanship units to the university students.

Educational Studies and Research Unit

Submitting studies and research concerning academic issues and problems facing the admission and registration inside the university.

Graduate Unit

Organizing and distributing graduation certificates together with transcripts to graduates inside and outside the deanship of admission and registration.

Social Media Unit

Providing communication with society regards to all issues and concerns toward distributing knowledge

Warehouse Unit

Delivery and receipt of warehouse stocks and Supplying needs of deanship units in terms of equipment and office supplies.

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