Dean's Message

Dean's Message
Dean's Message

In the name of Allah and peace be upon the prophet Muhammad

Admission and Registration Deanship would like to welcome its male and female students who have enrolled in KING ABUDLAZIZ UNIVERSITY through the deanship's website which is regarded one of the most important means of communication between the university and its students, not to mention, it does it utmost to provide all necessary information about the university, its branches, its faculties and specialties, admission requirements as well as necessary systems and requirements required by the student before and after joining KING ABDULAZIZ UNIVERSITY. Furthermore, the deanship doesn't hesitate to provide crystal clear answers regarding all enquiries related to it.

My dear students, the deanship will incubate all of you during your university life till Allah grants you graduation and joining the labor market. it stands to reason that Admission & registration deanship will stay the shelter which students recourse to when needs be, consequently it posted all guides on its website for guiding you. Admission & registration deanship began by posting the university admission guide on the following link:; for providing all information necessary to guide you appropriately while selecting track, faculty or specialty appropriate for your preferences and capacities. Furthermore, it spared no efforts with regard to following up development of admission and registration programs; so as to keep pace with scientifically and academically accelerating world, and which contributes in improvement of the work mechanism and simplification of all procedures through development of the electronic environment according to the higher management of university's directions, with a view to turning into the electronic government environment concept. Moreover, the university academic system is one of the most salient systems in all universities which direly need continuous updating with the latest of the most effective electronic programs. This is why Admission and registration deanship give much care for updating system of the e-academic services, for example the new e-admission system which becomes available for all university students; where student can select the track he/ she prefers from his/ her own home through the e-admission portal, in addition to facilitating all procedures of the e-registration system, the academic following up of students either through deanship or faculties, e-result registration, automatic graduation of students and so forth. Furthermore, Admission and registration deanship would like to welcome you at KING ABUDLAZIZ UNIVERSITY, university of science and knowledge. My sons and daughters, there is a big responsibility on your shoulder which is dissemination of the university's mission; so let free you own talents and capacities and you will receive all required support, encouragement, guidance and consultation; because you are the hope wishing for the best luck and success.

Dean of Admission and Registration Deanship

Dr. Abid Abdullah Al-Mashaikhi

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