Regular study program
The Bachelor Program of Fashion Industry for Those with Severe Hearing Disability

About the program

The Fashion Industry Program targets female citizens with severe hearing disability based on the university’s desire to integrate them with society and enter the field of work in the fashion design and industry.

What are the conditions for admission to the program?

  • The student must not have graduated from Al-Amal Secondary Institute for more than 3 years.
  • The student is to have a high school certificate with a GPA of 80 at least.
  • Submitting the diagnosis report of the hearing level or the presence of a hearing loss from a government agency (medical certificate).
  • The student's declaration that she is free from any other disability.
  • Passing the admission test and the personal interview by the specialized committee.

Targeted Classes:

  • Graduates of Al-Amal Secondary Institute for Girls.
  • Students with severe hearing impairment from inclusion classes are more than 90 decibels.

Required documents (must be uploaded electronically)

  • The original high school diploma.
  • The applicant's original ID card.
  • A 6x4 cm color personal photo with a white background ( veiled for the female student )
  • Medical report

Conditions for continuing in the department:

Admission to this program is subject to the system of preference among applicants. There are special criteria in the introductory year of the department. To ensure continuity in this department, the following must be achieved:

  • Completing the preparatory year courses with 70% at least.
  • Passing the specialization courses with a grade of not less than high good ( 75%) or more.

In case these conditions are not met, KAU will unfortunately have to terminate the student’s enrollment due to the absence of other special programs for this category currently.

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1/29/2022 6:06:57 PM